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By Cindy Winchell January 20, 2014

For those of you who have been in the "industry" for awhile now, have you ever stopped to think how much things have really changed? We can talk about the economy, the lack of jobs, and the elimination of divisions and positions, but what about the "reality"?

Is AIG, REALLY AIG? Chartis/AIG...same difference right? Is GAB gone forever? Now Gallagher Bassett...Specialty Risk Services now, Sedgwick HRH...Willis Bollinger now AJ Gallagher NIA now Marsh Crawford is Broadspire, most of the time? and most recently, the sale of Tower to AmTrust?

As we watch, learn and listen, is it not a wonder that so many of our qualified insurance professionals are displaced? NEVER FEAR!!!!!!

The insurance industry is a SURVIVING BREED!!! Perhaps we all need to set our sights on the "start ups", the entrepreneurial go -getters who are looking to make their mark, who haven't become so political and "corporate" that their LUST for the industry, their love for what they do is all they care about! There is a place for all qualified and experienced insurance professionals. Step out of your comfort zone and become part of something exciting and exhilarating! Break the mold, not just for you but also for the industry! It NEEDS YOU and your IDEAS!

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Time flies with every passing day. People in your lives, jobs you have had, insurance company mergers, personal and business relationships change, the economy goes UP , DOWN and hopefully, UP AGAIN!!!! AND… through it all, C. Winchell Agency has been your mainstay for the Property and Casualty Insurance Marketplace, Trends and career opportunities.!!!!

25 YEARS is a LONG TIME, and we CELEBRATE PROUDLY knowing that so many of you out there, have been a large part of our continued growth and success!! We THANK our client companies for remaining faithful and true and we THANK ALL of our CANDIDATES (OVER 14,000 of YOU!!!!) throughout these years for placing your career in our hands, believing in us and spreading our good name and word throughout the industry.


Cindy Winchell

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